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Bourne of Fire
Premiere, July 2002. Matt Damon, director Doug Liman, and the off-camera warfare that nearly snuffed out The Bourne Identity.
Murder, They Wrote
The New York Times, February 11, 2007. Dick Wolf & Co. bring the gruesome murder of actress Adrienne Shelly to Law & Order.
'Wonder Years,' by Way of Bed-Stuy
The New York Times, December 4, 2005. Chris Rock reflects on Everybody Hates Chris and the not-so-funny Bedford-Stuyvesant of his youth.
Blade in Japan
Maxim, February 2004. The man who teaches Hollywood's A-list — from Tom Cruise to Matt Damon to Russell Crowe — to kick ass.
In a Town of 'Friends,' an Amen Corner
The New York Times, October 23, 2005. A piously irreverent sitcom about good-looking would-be ministers, rabbis and imams who share a dorm and try not to sleep with one another.

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